Educational Design Expert

Anderson Language and Technology Center
2020 – Present

OER Champion Nominee

I am producing a series of open access online learning modules on the Canvas platform to support student learning of Tibetan as part of a UISFL grant awarded to the Center for Asian Studies.

Tibetan Course Home Page
Tibetan Greetings and Intros Page
Tibetan Communities Page image

I also serve as Project Manager for a 3-year Curriculum Quality project based on CU Boulder’s Quality Teaching Initiative that aims to improve the non-credit language classes, as well as support and empower ALTEC’s contingent faculty. Some of the projects I have completed so far include:

1. designing a FREE Foundations Course for 7 languages

ALTEC Foundations Course Page

2. designing syllabi templates for all ALTEC language classes

ALTEC Syllabus Example

3. creating the placement assessment for non-credit German classes

German Placement Assessment

Black German Heritage and Research Association Home Page Slider

As Lead Instructor of German, I have invested significant personal time writing grants and facilitating a partnership between ALTEC and the BGHRA to provide free German classes to Black German postwar adoptees. You can read more about this project here.